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Inspiring Futures – Actress – Life Skills

Success as an actor depends on many elements: training, acting ability, marketing, online presence, presentation, perspective, and belief in yourself. You are a unique being who learns in a certain way and thrives in a certain environment. All of that is considered in Lana’s approach to coaching. She recognizes that every actor is different and takes the time to learn how to best serve them.

Lana is also a working actor, so she has her finger on the pulse of the industry. She’s ready to share with Girl Scouts, what it’s like to be an actress that lives in New York City! She will talk about her work on WandaVision, Dynasty, Bull and The Resident and the recently wrapped Tyler Perry film due to air at the end of this year on Netflix.

Get ready to flex your acting skills too on March 26 as she’ll show us some exercises she works on with her students. “Dreams really do come true if you work hard and believe in yourself.”

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