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Welcome to the Girl Scouts of Colorado Recruitment Team

Now,  more than ever, we need the help of our grassroots recruitment team to get the word out that Girl Scouts is not canceled and help get girls a Girl Scout Leadership Experience!

We value and celebrate your dedication and thank you for joining us as we embark on serving more girls in your community.

30-second recruitment video

60-second recruitment video

Spring 2024 campaign

Extended year recruitment flier (Canva)

DBJ extended year flier (Canva)

Brownie half page event flier (Canva)

Brownie full page flier (Canva)


Fall Campaign - Your Year Of...

Recruitment flier (Canva)

Volunteer recruitment flier (Canva)

Bilingual invite (Canva)

Bilingual flier (Canva)

Daisy Launch

Bilingual full-page flier template (Canva)


Half-page flier template (Canva)

Spanish ticket flier template (Canva)


Referral campaign

Half-sheet referral flier templates (Canva)

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