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Troop 65659 earn aMaze Journey

Updated: Sep 26, 2022

Cadettes Annika, Kennedy, and Julianna worked on their aMaze Journey over the summer. They all earned their Interact awards and two went on to earn their Diplomat and Peacemaker awards.

Explaining their Take Action project, Kennedy said the Cadettes “want to help people to strengthen their friendships,” and Julianna added, “…because you want to make new friends and become more social.”

“How can we use jewelry to strengthen their friendships, you ask?” said Kennedy. “We can make jewelry swaps for them and teach them about friendship,” Julianna suggested. Kennedy explained, “You can ask your adult or you can find a charm that you would use so you can swap it with your friend.” The girls’ swaps are made for all their peers whether they participate in Girl Scouts or not. Each one includes a message they learned from their aMaze books or from their own experiences. They will be handing them out at social activities, sports, and when they meet new friends.

Julianna imagines that if all girls were involved in peaceful relationships, “everyone would feel included.” Asked about the most important tool in her Peacemaker Kit, Kennedy chose the promise “I won’t let another friend put you down.”



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