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Discover and Support Your Girl Scout’s Future Me

Updated: Nov 8, 2022

Girl Scouts of Colorado has teamed up with CollegeInvest to help support Girl Scouts in grades K-5 explore their interests and discover what their future could look like while earning the Future Me patch. As part of CollegeInvest’s support, each Girl Scout who completes the patch program receives a glow-in-the-dark patch. Caregivers, if you continue your learning about saving for your Girl Scouts future, each Girl Scout in your family will receive $100 in their CollegeInvest account.

In this patch program, we have provided two resources: a Girl Scout activity booklet and a Caregiver Guide. Using both of these guides, caregivers are to complete the patch with their Girl Scout.

  1. Future Me Girl Scout Activity Booklet: Girl Scouts are given prompts to write or draw about their ‘current me’. Questions like describe what you do during a typical day and your perfect day. Each question is designed for the Girl Scout to think about what they like right now. Then they are to think 20 years from now- they are an adult! Question prompt to imagine their future and for caregivers to brainstorm with their Girl Scout how they get there.

  2. Caregiver Guide: As your Girl Scout is working through the booklet, we have developed some prompts and questions to help guide your conversation with your Girl Scout. We want you to also explore their interests so you can discover ways you can support your Girl Scout. Don’t forget to access the training at the end of this booklet for you to earn an additional $100 in your Girl Scout’s CollegeInvest account!

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All Girl Scouts who complete the Future Me Patch Program will receive this glow-in-the- dark patch for free!



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