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Highest Awards opportunity in Fort Collins

Submitted by Amy Jo Martinson

Northern & Northeastern CO

Fort Collins

The Veterans Plaza in Northern Colorado is in need of help!

1. They would like a permanent flag recycling box for the public to properly dispose of their torn and unusable flags.

2. There are painting projects.

3. Looking for a regular group that would be willing to clean and repair anything in the area.

The recycling flag box was going to be a Boy Scout Eagle Scout project, but it fell apart and they haven’t had anyone step up to fill the need.

If a girl or troop(s) are interested in one or more of these projects they should contact Major Diggs Brown.

MAJ Diggs Brown, (ret), MBA (970) 980-1080

Also, because the property is part of the City of Fort Collins, you would need to contact the city regarding any changes before placing anything new (flag disposal box) on the property.

Eventually the veterans want a proper flag retirement ceremony with these flags at the Veterans Plaza Northern Colorado at least once a year, twice a year would be even better.

I’m looking into doing a flag etiquette and flag retirement ceremony badge that would also incorporate the Veterans Plaza Northern Colorado too.

These projects are great opportunities for Bronze, Silver, and maybe even Gold Award projects! Of course, you can contact me also and I can help as needed!

Amy Jo Martinson Gold Award Girl Scout (1991) (719) 293-5313

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