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Volunteer Spotlight: Jamie Buttermore

Girl Scouts of Colorado is celebrating extraordinary volunteers throughout the state in honor of Volunteer Appreciation Month. Jamie Buttermore of Grand Junction in the Western Colorado region is a shining example of the wonderful role Girl Scout volunteers play in the lives of girls and our community.

GSCO asked Jamie to answer a few quick questions about her volunteer experience. We hope you find her as inspiring as we did.

Why did you become a Girl Scout volunteer?

I was a Girl Scout for a few years as a child. I knew that as soon as my oldest was in kindergarten, I was going to find a troop for her. A troop we found, but the leadership team decided to step down. A couple of parents approached me to help them lead. At the time, I was very pregnant and working full-time and questioned my ability to be successful, but I knew that I needed to step up, so that my daughter and the other girls in the troop could have a great experience like I had as a child. 

Tell us about your different volunteer roles as a Girl Scout.

Initially, I started off as a troop support volunteer. That did not last long until I became a troop leader. I have been a troop leader now for six years. I also currently am on the Membership Connection Committee through Girl Scouts of Colorado. 

What have you learned as a Girl Scout volunteer?

As a volunteer, I have learned how to effectively communicate with large groups of people, hone in on my multi-tasking and organizational skills, and have learned fun skills along the way. I have also learned the quirks of many girls over the years, learned their fears and dreams, and learned how to cherish my role and impact not their lives. 

What do you hope girls have learned from you?

My goal as a leader is to give the girls experiences they would not otherwise get. My goal is to role model kindness, hard work ethic, and a thirst for adventure. I want them to give back to the community, always believe in themselves, and try new things. I hope that the girls I have led over the years have fond memories of me and truly felt I was genuine and made some type of positive impact on their lives. 

How has your experience as a volunteer helped you become a G.I.R.L. (go-getter, innovator, risk-taker, leader)?

I have always been a G.I.R.L. It is in my innate personality. What I hope my volunteer experience has helped me do is create more G.I.R.L.s. I hope that I have empowered them to go after their dreams, get creative when problem solving, innovate new ways of doing things, take chances, try new things, and take ownership and lead the way. 

Want to nominate a volunteer for Girl Scouts of Colorado to spotlight? Please email Public Relations Director AnneMarie Harper at 



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