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Service unit Early Bird grand prize

Due to high levels interest in the Service Unit Grand Prize for Early Bird Renewals – a choice of two highly popular weekends at Tomahawk Ranch in 2020 –  Girl Scouts of Colorado is removing any previously stated time restrictions for this prize!

Service Unit Early Bird Grand Prize FAQs

  1. What is the prize? A free property reservation to be used for a service unit camping trip during one of the two most sought-after weekends at Tomahawk Ranch – May 1-3, 2020 and August 21-23, 2020.

  2. How can my service unit win? Your service unit can win by being one of the first two units to achieve 45 percent of their 2018-19 membership!

  3. How do I know which weekend my unit would win? The first service unit to reach 45 percent retention will get to choose between May 1-3, 2020, and August 21-23, 2020, for their service unit camping trip at Tomahawk Ranch. The second unit to reach 45 percent retention will get the other available weekend.

  4. What is included in this prize? The cost of the property reservation is included in the prize. Service units will be responsible for paying for food service for their group and providing their own programming and transportation.

  5. When can troops in my area start renewing girls to qualify for this prize? Right now! Any girls that renew by June 26 will be counted towards each service unit’s retention percentage. Don’t wait to register girls and adults to qualify for this grand prize!

  6. When will the winners be announced? Girl Scouts of Colorado representatives will check service unit renewals daily to identify the winning service units! The winners will be recognized on the GSCO blog and social media platforms, so check those platforms regularly to stay updated on the competition!

  7. How do girls renew their registration? Troop leadership teams and families can renew their girls and troops by logging into myGS. Contact 877-404-5708 or email for assistance renewing members for the 2020 membership year.



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