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Molly Cain visits with Girls Looking Forward

GSCO Recruitment Specialist and motivational speaker Molly Cain recently had the chance to speak to our Outreach group at the Betty Marler Center. The Betty Marler Center is operated by Rite of Passage, which is a residential treatment program for young women. Our Outreach Associates visit one specific pod there for Girl Scout programming, because they earned it. With this program we have a pretty constant group of girls every week unless they are released. They range from ages 15-20. This group of girls spends all of their time together, so the bonds they have with one another are very genuine. The Girls Looking Forward program gives them opportunity to work together, collaborate on projects, set goals and have fun.

Molly said this about the experience: “I walked in with high hopes that I would be able to inspire their lives a little, bringing encouragement to the table to hopefully motivate a change within themselves. I think I may have been successful, but as much as I’d like to think I had a small part in their lives. They truly were the ones who helped inspire me.

“This was my first speaking engagement that I almost cried on the spot and I’ve been speaking for well over a year. At Right of Passage there were so many emotions throughout the whole room, I had goosebumps. The audience was amazing, engaged and completely quiet. They asked many questions throughout my presentation, very conversational, which I love; and we all had the chance to learn a little more about one another.

“By the time that we were done, there were hugs given, relationships made and a new light shown in those four walls. This not only influenced my journey; it influenced theirs too. The Girl Scouts provide so many opportunities for girls, it’s unreal. I could literally talk for hours about this organization, is my passion!”

If your troop or group is looking for a motivational speaker to visit one of your meetings, please contact us.

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