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Intro to Global Girl Scouts: New Video

Watch online! A transcript is at the bottom of this post.

Girl Scouts of Colorado’s Global Action Team is excited to launch their new “Intro to Global Girl Scouts” video! Interest in the world has been an integral part of the Girl Scout movement and program since the very beginning. As Juliette Gordon Lowe, founder of Girl Scouts in the USA stated, “Girl Guiding and Girl Scouts is the magic thread which links the youth of the world together.” This new video from the Global Action Team is the perfect way to start learning about the global aspects of Girl Scouts.

This new resource touches upon the following topics:

  1. The definition of global

  2. The reasons why global Girl Scouting is included in the movement’s program

  3. A large selection on the actual elements of the global program

  4. Opportunities for international travel

  5. Beneficial results of participating in the global aspect of the Girl Scout program

  6. Girl Scouts of the USA research findings when they surveyed the membership on their knowledge of the global program for both adults and girls

  7. Opportunities for global impact


  1. Resources, both local and national

Questions? Email OR contact the Global Action Team directly at



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