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GPS: Girl Planning System

The GPS, Girl Planning System, is a group of innovative older girls Cadettes to Ambassadors ranging from 11 to 18-year-old who work together to plan, organize, and carry out Girl Scout functions for younger girls to change the world.

Currently, GPS is in Colorado Springs, but there is a group similar getting started in Canon City called SPLAT, Scouts Planning Team.

What does GPS do?

  1. GPS is ready to try anything!  We help girls be better Girl Scouts by expanding their knowledge of helping the world and community around us with causes that need attention. We also plan and attend events as volunteers to help other groups and organizations to allow them to enjoy their outreach experiences. By doing this, we better the community and ourselves while practicing leadership skills and teamwork. This also helps us understand ourselves as strong willed, independent, courageous young women who enjoy seeing a change in girls that we guide to better their community.

  2. We plan and attend Girl Scout events such as cookie rallies, fall product rallies, the Colorado Springs Mall Lock-In, and Summer Journey Day Camp.  GPS has attended and volunteered at the Pikes Peak Rodeo, VFW Post 3917, community 5k’s, and local schools.

  3. GPS does so much and helps with so many events, it’s hard to recall them all! We are proud of what we do, using hard work, teamwork, and determination to create fun events where all voice/ideas are heard. GPS loves to create a fun environment where fellow Girl Scouts can express their emotions while learning lessons and boundaries. Through GPS, we have created friendships and made progress using everyone’s skills/strong points to accomplish the goals we set for ourselves; to go beyond the valley, the hill and the mountain – to go where few Girl Scouts have gone before, and feel pride in our accomplishments of doing courageous and helpful events that can make the world a better place.

Want to learn more about GPS? Interested in starting something similar in your region? Email Anita Lucero at or GSCO Girl Experience Manager Katie Singleton at



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