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GIRL SCOUT GOLD AWARD PROJECT: Jenni Golbuff, Fort Collins, “Tool Time Tables”

Jenni Golbuff

What did you do for your Gold Award project?

For my Gold Award project, I decided to redesign and make new tables for a local summer camp, Sky Ranch. My project consisted of drafting a design,  woodworking, and some heavy lifting to get the eight heavy-duty tables up to the camp, in time for summer camp sessions.

How did you measure the impact your Gold Award project made on your target audience?

I measured this project by noting how Sky Ranch was impacted. They now had more usable tables that were needed. I also viewed the future impact, knowing these tables would last for many years, that the future target audience would also enjoy the benefits of these tables throughout for their cookouts and camping sessions.

How is your project sustainable? How will your project continue to impact after your involvement?

The staff at Sky Ranch will continue to maintain the property and care for the tables until at some point they need to be replaced again.  My project can then be continued by someone else, possibly another Girl Scout working on her Gold Project.

What is your project’s global and/or national connection?

My project has a link to the nation’s generations as campers from around the United States and from other countries attend Sky Ranch Lutheran Camp.  I also have been in contact with several other summer camps, including church summer camps, 4-H Camps, and Girl Scouts providing them the blueprints and plans for the picnic tables. This project started for a small camp in Colorado, but has expanded to impact camps around the nation, as well as their campers and families who use those tables.

What did you learn about yourself?

I learned additional drafting skills and how to develop a workable blueprint. I also gained greater knowledge in woodworking and working safely with power tools. Communication skills were definitely part of the mix of developed skills that helped complete this project.  I gained additional practical life skills in promoting this project to solicit volunteers and how to address people who wished to donate money or volunteer their time to help build the tables.  One skill that I particularly enhanced during this project was critical thinking and empowerment.

How will earning your Gold Award impact you in the future?

Earning my Gold Award will impact my future by pushing me to use my new leadership skills with the Girl Scout Promise and Law in my life, as guiding principles. For example, through my Gold Award process, I was constantly reminded how important these principles are for a future leader and everyday encounters. Whether it be talking with a school or college instructor, hanging out with friends, or planning my future. Through this process I have strived to gain more leadership abilities and the courage to apply as a Minnesota State 4-H Ambassador, and will use these leadership skills in my everyday life while working with others and being passionate to do and become great leaders.

Why do you feel the Gold Award was an important part of your Girl Scout experience?

The Gold Award was a very important part of my Girl Scout experience because it directed me to look at things in a new light.  To see what I could do to change my community for the better and in the future possibly help to design new inventions to aid the world. The impact of this Gold project provided me the insight to look around my community to see people or organizations who are in need of help. With Girl Scouts, we as girls and young women can learn to see the needs in the area, and use recourses to find a creative way to improve their communities. The Girl Scouts and this Gold Project has helped me gain self confidence and improve my leadership abilities along with communication skills.

**IMPORTANT NOTE: This blog represents only a small fraction of the hard work, dedication and requirements that go into earning a Girl Scout Gold Award. It is simply a brief summary, which is meant to inspire Girl Scouts to Go Gold in the future. For more information on earning your Gold Award, please email



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