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Giant plush rhino: The winner is…

THANK YOU to all the Girl Scouts who entered the drawing for the giant plush rhino! CONGRATULATIONS to the winner, Faith B.

As part of the qualifications for the giant rhino drawing, we asked Girl Scouts who entered the give-away to do some online research, answer a few questions on the entry form, and share their future aspirations for advocating for animals.

The 2019 Fall Product Program mascot was the Northern white rhino, a creature that is now nearly extinct. Knowing that Girl Scouts are the leaders of today and tomorrow, we wanted to appeal to girls who may join the efforts to save the rhinos, help other threatened or endangered species, or work in other ways to protect animals.

All of the Girl Scouts who completed an entry form did a great job sharing detailed information that they discovered about the Colorado animal rescue organizations that they researched, endangered species in Colorado, and sharing their aspirations about caring for and protecting animals!

Girls who entered the contest will receive an “Animal Protector” patch and a personal thank you note from GSCO staff. Patches will be mailed with cards mid-January.



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