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G.I.R.L. Media Stars spread the word about Girl Scout Cookie time

From television to radio to newspapers and even social media, Girl Scouts of Colorado Media Stars have been working hard to spread the word about the 2020 Girl Scout Cookie Program and all the amazing things Girl Scouts do with their cookie money.

From Grand Junction to Colorado Springs to Denver, here are a few media interviews featuring GSCO G.I.R.L. Media Stars.

January 28

January 29

January 30

January 31

February 2

February 3

McKenzie from Grand Junction spent part of her morning at KOOL 107.9 FM talking about the Girl Scout Cookie Program and the first day of cookie sales.

Media Stars are recruited every fall, typically in August and September. If you know a girl interested in being a Media Star, please contact Public Relations Director AnneMarie Harper. 



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