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Earn the Gold Award Centennial Patch


Arguably, the most impactful part of Girl Scouts is the earning of the Girl Scout Gold Award. This prestigious award represents the highest achievement in Girl Scouts and challenges high school girls to initiate meaningful, sustainable change locally, nationally, and/or globally through unique “Take Action” projects of their own creation.

Only girls in high school are eligible to earn their Gold Award but girls of all ages can learn about the Gold Award and earn the Gold Award Centennial Patch! Check out this new list of activities that any girl, troop leader, or parent can do to learn about the history of the Gold Award and the many women have “gone Gold”.

The Gold Award Centennial patch will only be available this year and can be purchased online or in the shop without any approval from Girl Scouts of Colorado.

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Special thanks to Girl Scouts of Western Washington for Highest Awards inspiration!

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