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Denver Metro Volunteer Spotlight: Jody Allen Smith

Congratulations to August’s Volunteer of the month: Jody Allen Smith of the Apollo Service Unit in Denver. Jody has a long resume of accomplishments.  Ranging from wife, mother, career woman, having an MBA from Denver University, and a candidate for a second Master of Science in Higher Education from Kaplan University. However, this month we are featuring Jody for nothing less than her Girl Scout Volunteerism.

Jody became a Girl Scout in the 6th grade when she moved to Greely, Colo.  Being a Girl Scout carried her across an awkward time in her life, specifically being the new kid in town. Then, she rejoined Girl Scouts as an adult member because she became a troop leader for her daughter. Jody has been the Leader of Troop 1750 since 2004 and has brought her girls from Daisies to Ambassadors. She stayed involved because she enjoyed all the girls and the things they got to do together. 

Jody has led her girls through countless service projects, helped them earn their Silver Award, and even traveled with them to London, Paris, and Dublin.  Now that her girls are Ambassadors, Jody wanted to find a way for the troop to give back to Girl Scouts.  When Jody found out that a troop affiliated with the Aurora Housing Authority needed help with leadership she went directly to her girls and asked them if they wanted to help. Troop 1750, along with Jody, adopted a troop.  The Adopt-A-Troop program was piloted this year. Jody and her troop enjoyed their work so much they agreed to adopt the same troop during the 2014-15 Girl Scout Year.  This will be troop 1750’s final year before becoming Adult Girl Scouts.

So, will this also be Jody Allen Smith’s last year? I don’t know, but I hope this spotlight on all the things she has done for her girls and Girl Scouts of Colorado makes her realize that she is a valued volunteer and we would be happy to have her for another ten years!  Thank you Jody for all your hard work.



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