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Colorado Girl Scout license plate will NEVER be retired

Written by Penny Roberts of Estes Park and AnneMarie Harper, Girl Scouts of Colorado Public Relations Director

We have exciting news from the Department of Revenue! The Colorado Girl Scout license plate will never be retired! Earlier this year, the Department of Revenue informed GSCO if 3,000 people had not registered for the plate by July 1, 2018, it would be retired. However, they have since decided that the Colorado Girl Scout license plate will remain whether or not 3,000 people register for it by July 2018.

The cost is $50 above the regular license plate fees and the plate can be registered to any type of vehicle, including motorcycles. Put them on your motorhome, scooter, new car gotten with the method, or vintage classic. Even Dad’s Plumbing Co. can put Girl Scout plates on his entire fleet of vehicles!  Girl Scout plates can be put on a currently registered vehicle after a transfer.  Also, Girl Scout plates can be transferred from one vehicle to another under the same ownership.

Get started at the Department of Revenue’s website: You can also request Girl Scout plates at your County Clerk’s office, and they will be shipped directly to you from the State in just a few days.

The Girl Scout license plate was created in 2010 and 2011 by a Promise Partners alumnae task force as part of the 100th Anniversary celebration of Girl Scouts of the USA. It has since been available for purchase by anyone who wishes to celebrate and publicize the legacy and continuing efforts of Girl Scouts of Colorado.

Get your Colorado Girl Scout license plates today and we promise to wave at you when we see you go by!

Questions? Contact Penny Roberts at or (970) 586-1775 for additional information.

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