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Badge Series: For Girls and Leaders!

Update as of May 15: Registration for June 2020 events is now live. Each program level has a different registration link. You can find them all here:

Girl Scouts of Colorado is excited to unveil a brand-new way for your girl to connect with Girl Scouts and for leaders to support their girls’ engagement. Starting in June 2020, we will be offering monthly badge series to engage girls in a virtual setting. This program opportunity is only available for Girl Scouts of Colorado members.

Who is this for? We will have two experiences. One will be for girls, Daisy to Ambassador, who want to engage as an individual.  They will be guided through the badge requirements by Girl Scouts of Colorado staff. The other experience is for leaders to guide their troop through the virtual badge programming. We will provide them with the resources to start engaging with their troop in a virtual setting.

My girl is in a troop, can she do this? Yes, the program is open to all girls who are current Girl Scouts of Colorado members. We do suggest that if a girl participates in a troop that she checks with her troop leader before signing up.

What does the experience look like for girls? To kick off each month’s badge series, we will have a live welcome webinar that will introduce the badge, explain the requirements, and get her engaged with other Girl Scouts from across the state. She will have access to gsRocks, a brand-new online Girl Scout program site that is designed just for girls. In here we will have courses that will guide her completion of the requirements, as well as track her completion of the badges. She will have one month to complete her requirements. We will wrap up the badge series with a live reflection webinar that will give her space to reflect with other girls about the badge.

What does the experience look for leaders? We know that translating our amazing Girl Scout program into a virtual format is not an easy task, so we have done it for you! Once you register for a badge series, you will have access to a leader course in gsLearn. In this course you will find scripts, PowerPoints, and resources to bring the badge series to your girls in a virtual setting. We will host a webinar at the beginning of the month to explain badge and requirements. We will also be available to answer any questions you might have about the badge series.

What badges will be offered in the badge series? Check out our calendar of offerings for 2020-2021. We will post registration on our events calendar two weeks before the beginning of each month.

Questions? Contact us at

We want to hear how your girl is using her Girl Scout skills by taking initiative, caring for the community, and Girl Scouting at home. She can send in her story here.



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