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Women's Week 2023 at Meadow Mountain Ranch

It's time again for the annual Women's Week at Meadow Mountain Ranch Girl Scout Camp!

DATES: July 6 – 10, 2023

FIRST MEAL: Lunch on Thursday

LAST MEAL: Brunch on Monday

COST: $300.00 for the entire event; $80.00 for 3-meal increments.

THEME: “History of Meadow Mountain Ranch” - - we’ll feature special events highlighting the 62 years of MMR’s history, including hikes to special places, tours of the HH and the new “Reflection Room,” songs and skits highlighting decades, etc. So bring your own history items, memorabilia, photos, etc. to share. More later.

The event is open to any women 18 years of age or older. It’s most fun if moms & daughters, grandmothers & granddaughters, 3 generations or any combination put their schedules together and travel, sometimes from all over the country. But, neighbors, co-workers, GSCO staff and Board, your best friend from college, MMR staff alums and life-long extended friendships of all kinds are welcome.

WHAT DO WE DO? Almost anything you want; program is planned by us participants as we go along. If you’d like to offer a craft, activity, class, trip, hike, or any other way to expand our collective horizons, come prepared with your ideas and materials. There may be new and exciting adventures in place at MMR by next summer, so come prepared. Plan and present a Scouts’ Own or campfire. Read stories, present plays. Make art. Sleep in, stay up late, sleep under the stars, climb Longs, hike to Hercules. Sing until we’ve sung all the songs.


FOOD: Excellent meals, mostly cooked outside, are selected to please most any palate. Most dietary needs can be accommodated, just let us know ahead of time. We like to try new things, and also recreate the past with “old favorites.” Lots of fresh fruits and veggies are always on hand.

HOUSING: We mostly stay in the tabins (wooden floors, wooden roofs and ½ canvas sides), in the units. We sleep on wooden cots with mattresses. The whole camp is available for our event. You can bring your own tent and pitch anywhere that suits. Limited RV space is available, but there are no hookups. Some limited mobility accommodations can be made.


No smoking on camp.

No pets allowed, except certified service dogs.

Elevation is 8500’.

Temperatures range from 45 – 85 degrees; cool in the mornings and evenings, warmer during the day. Rain is likely, so be prepared.

Fire danger might limit cooking and campfire options, but we’ll adjust.

Service projects could help make improvements to MMR if groups or individuals are interested.

Come check out the new “Reflection Room” in the Homestead House. Hang out, read, rest, visit.

WHAT TO BRING: Your favorite camp clothes, but importantly good shoes/boots. Raingear. Hats and sunscreen. Sleeping gear (If you are traveling, we can provide you with bedding.) Musical instruments, song books, memorabilia or old photos to share or donate, arts & crafts supplies.

Questions, ideas, comments, suggestions: Contact Very Informal Camp Director, Penny “Pan” Roberts at, at P.O. Box 211, Estes Park, CO. 80517, (home) 970 586 1775 or (cell) 970 473 1001.

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