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Troop 77850 Earns Their Project Heart Patch

Troop 77850 sits in a circle

Girl Scouts in Troop 77850 really enjoyed earning their Project Heart patch. The girls learned all about philanthropy and how they can contribute to their community using the 3 t’s (time, talent and treasure). After discussing wants vs. needs we discovered what some needs were within our troop as well as our community.

A posterboard with sticky notes on it outlining Troop 77850's ideas for how to give back to the community

Our girls discussed what their individual needs were and realized that the community may have some of the same needs but might also have some that are different. We brainstormed ideas on how we can help meet those needs.

Troop 77850 tie-dying shirts

We found that our troop has a need to be safe while we go on our adventures. We needed an easy way to find each other. One way to do this was to make tie-dye shirts. Keeping with the spirit of giving, the girls each made a tie-dye shirt to share with a fellow troop mate instead of themselves.

The Project Heart patch program was a great resource from Girl Scouts. We loved the connection it made to the Bronze Award and our girls are excited to get out in our community and make a difference!



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