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Troop 2651 earns Bronze award for blind skier map of Eldora Mountain Resort

Submitted by Karen Lochhead


Northern and Northeastern Colorado

Troop 2651 has earned their Bronze Award! At one meeting we had a visit from our blind friend Amelia who talked to us about what it is like to be blind. Amelia is an amazing person, and skis at Eldora even though she is blind! We decided to make a map for her and the other blind skiers from the Colorado Center for the Blind who ski with the Ignite Program.

We first printed out a topographical map of Eldora and used that to cut out different layers of cardboard. Then, we stacked up the cardboard, glued it together, and covered the structure in plaster to make the runs smooth. Then we added trees and chair lifts to help the blind students envision the area.

We drove up to Eldora to present our map to the blind students. Each of us showed them a different feature of the map. Once we were done presenting, we got to ski and see the blind students we had just met skiing with their instructors.

CCB invited us to come down for a visit. We got a tour led by a blind teacher, met a professor who read us Harry Potter in braille, and we got to present our map to a classroom full of blind students.

During our adventure, we got to learn the meaning of the badges Power of One, Power of Team, and Power of Community. We look forward to earning our Silver and Gold awards in the years to come!

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