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There’s Still Time to Participate in the Fall Product Program

It’s not too late to get started!

Girl Scouts have not missed their chance to earn the much loved avatar patches, including the personalized patch, plus other cool rewards – by selling nuts, candies, and magazines. There are contests that they can enter too – a drawing for a giant plush penguin and a magazine contest  with special rewards!

Girl Scouts can get started by simply clicking the link to go to the M2 site to log-in.  Click here for instructions and tips on how to get started too!

Not only can girls earn the personalized patch during the fall, but they will also have a chance to earn the S’mores Club patch , for participating in both the Fall Product and Girl Scout Cookie Program, when they meet the reward criteria.

Go to the Fall Product Program page  for more information about the program, fun activities, family guides, tip sheets, and permission form.

The Fall Product Program is going strong now and ends on Oct. 25, 2022.

Get started today!

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