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Super Girl Scout Recruiter rescues non Girl Scouts to join at Move It!

move it 2

Submitted by Carmen Valdez


Pueblo and Southeastern Colorado

So all my Girl Scout sisters, you know how much I love to talk about our amazing organization! I believe every girl and woman should be Girl Scout! I was invited to the CSU-P Move It this past Saturday, April 25th. This was an event to promote healthy living. I met about 20 girls and their families, and they all took me up on getting interested to join! And wait for it  … 3 adults signed on the dotted line!

There were so many community organizations like Boys and Girls Club at this event. One of our Girl Scout partners in Pueblo, Menchies was there, she has got some moves! Pictured is me and my brand new Juliette Senior Girl Scout sans uniform. She invited girls and families to relay races to show Girl Scouts know how to “Move It” too! She also asked girls to join on my water breaks, LOL! She is super excited about getting her PA training and will be working on her Performer badge, it will be her first!

Girls who are already Girl Scouts are always the best recruiters!! The event was fun and was a great way to show off Girl Scouts with children and families. I am looking forward to being out and about at Books in the Park, City Park events asking everyone I know ” Are you a Girl Scout?” Thanks Hilary, this is pure gold! ‘Til next time, same channel, read about my awesome adventures of: is it a bird? is it a plane? no it’s Super Girl Scout Recruiter WHOO HOO!:)

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