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Special Charms - 2023 Girl Scout Cookie Program

This year, Girl Scouts of Colorado has TWO NEW charms that Girl Scouts can earn in recognition of the manyways in which they are cookie entrepreneurs!

Shoe Charm - Door-to-Door

People are EXCITED to buy Girl Scout cookies!

Starting Sunday, Feb. 5, Girl Scouts can go door-to-door in their communities with cookies in-hand and share s'more joy!

New this year! For the 2023 cookie season, there is a special Shoe Charm

to commemorate Girl Scout Cookie Program "walkabouts."

Steps to earning the Door-to-Door Shoe Charm:

1) Go door-to-door with cookies in hand.

2) Have your parent or caregiver take a photo of you going door-to-door

3) Complete the Door-to-Door Shoe Charm form, attach your photo, and submit by the deadline:Monday, Feb. 27, 8 p.m. Be sure to include your name, contact information, troop number, Cookie Programgoals, and your Hometown Hero.

Form will open Sunday, Feb. 5.


New this year! Girl Scouts that sell cookies at booths can earn

the special Booth Sales charm!

No need to fill out a form to receive the patch.

However, troop cookie managers must allocate booth cookie sales using the booth recorder in eBudde, in order for Girl Scouts get the patch.

1 commentaire

Awesome charms. I am proud of you Girl Scouts. From this Girl Scout Gold (1968) and troop leader (1993-2005). Love, Maryellen Elizabeth (Kromka) Hart


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