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Since 2002, the Songbirds Girl Scout Choir has been keeping singing traditions alive, learning old and new songs, performing at many different events, and even launching girls into careers in music or the arts.  


My name is Penny Roberts, and I’m the director of the Songbirds.  I live in Estes Park, and I’m writing today to invite any and all girls, adults, families and friends to join the fun and adventure that keeps us “Singing After All These Years.”  (That was the theme of the 2012 National Sing-Along on the National Mall in Washington, D.C.  Almost 250,000 gathered to sing together, a truly momentous occasion.)  


My email address is probertscolo@gmail.comand my phone numbers are 970 586 1775 and 970 473 1001.  Please contact me at any time!  


Since the hiatus that was Covid, the Songbirds are rebuilding their ranks, and that is the reason for my Blog Post today.  Here are several options, offerings and ideas for how to spread the music across GSCO.

I probably would need to stay mostly on the Front Range, but I am open to travel if I have advance notice.  I will also recruit other Songbirds to join me and help your groups get going.


#1)  Our regular rehearsals are on the 2ndSaturday of every month from September through April.  We meet at the Berthoud Elementary School on Bunyan Avenue from 10 a.m. till noon.  I will provide song books, games books, and can even teach a guitar class at 9 a.m., with a book to go along with that.  There is no registration, no fee.  All are welcome.  


We also have royal blue polo shirts to wear for performances, and we always look great!  


This year’s first gathering will be Saturday, September 9th, time and place as listed above.  


#2)  I could come to your troop for a sing-along.  My schedule is pretty flexible, but as it gets to be winter, I’d prefer to travel during the daytime.  We can easily sing for an hour or moreand have a great time!  

#3)  I could come to your service unit meeting, hopefully with a larger group to sing with, including girls, leaders, family members.  


#4)  I could arrange for an even larger regional sing-along, maybe on a weekend day.  Northern Colorado and the Denver Metro Area might be the best locations for this, and I’d probably need help arranging a singing space.  


#5)  GSCO has a wonderful History Center and Museum located in Loveland, and they have created a historical songbook collection and program, which we could use as a backdrop for an event, which could include a tour of their new museum space.  


So, please spread the word and join us.  Singing in Girl Scouting is traditional, educational, and most of all fun!!  It ties us to the entire world through official Girl Scout world songs, campfire songs, lullabies, graces, rounds and more.  Hope to hear from you soon.


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Sara Jampen
Sara Jampen
Sep 22, 2023

Sounds great! Your invitation is so inspiring that it is impossible to resist. Estes Park is a beautiful place, and the idea of bringing people together for fun and adventure here sounds like a great way to create unforgettable moments.

The 2012 National Singalong in Washington DC was truly an impressive event that brought so many people together. Events like these lift spirits and create a sense of community.

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