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Some GSCO Properties Open for Family Weekend Rental

Girl Scouts of Colorado is excited to announce a new way to rent GSCO properties! We need to comply with the GSUSA guidelines that do not allow any overnight troop trips right now, but we will open some of our properties for GSCO families. The family reservation booking is now open to all GSCO members.

You may be wondering what this looks like, what properties are open, and who is all allowed to attend. With COVID-19 still being very present in our community, and world, GSCO is taking as many precautions as possible with our new Family Property Reservation opportunity. Below is a short FAQ regarding this new process, if you have additional questions please don’t hesitate to reach out!

Making a family reservation is done the same way as all other bookings, you can make the reservation online here:, or you can email our Outdoor Programs and Properties Administrator at When making a reservation, please select the sites with “Family Reservation” in the title.

Please review this list of Frequently Asked Questions.

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