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So, you want to travel?

Submitted by Carla Kia

Northern & Northeastern CO


A growing number of Girl Scouts are thinking about traveling abroad and for good reason! Traveling is a fun experience, provides the opportunity to learn about new cultures, allows you to see some amazing sites, and provides a plethora of experiences for growth and self-improvement, so all people need to travel is to be ready for it, which they can prepare using quality calpak suitcases buying guides and sites to find the best travel rates.

You might be telling yourself it is way too big of a goal to travel; many travel trips with a professional touring company can cost over $4,000 after all.

I am here to tell you it IS achievable. With budgeting, money generating opportunities, and careful planning you can make it happen!

I am planning a trip for July of 2019. You can check out the details at this link:

To plan for this trip, for example, you would need to save about $250 a month beginning now.

It is a good idea to break this up into thirds. So, let’s say you will need $83 a month to earn through babysitting, pet sitting, or other self-employed opportunities. That is an earning potential of around $21 per week. Think about ways you can “earn” that amount. Helping neighbors with yard work, helping around the house through “chores,” and of course, you can also babysit, pet sit, or even tutor. Are you a MATH genius? So many students struggle with this subject. Do you know a second language? Maybe you can teach that language to school age children, many parents want their children to learn a second language.

The second “third” can come from family support. You can write letters asking for sponsorship to your families and friends. Ask for donations each year in lieu of Christmas or birthday gifts. See if your parents are willing to pledge a support of $83 per month.

The last “third” is your opportunity to utilize your Girl Scout Credits earned with cookies and nuts toward travel, perhaps work as a camp counselor to earn monies over the summer and also to seek outside employment like a part-time job. Perhaps planning a kid camp over the summer is your thing. Invite neighborhood kids to your summer adventure camp. If you are a STEM girl the camp theme could be science experiments, or an ART camp or even cooking. You could host a learn a language camp! So many parents would encourage their younger children to come to a 2 or 3-hour camp for a week. My daughter did this one summer and it was a big hit!

I hope I have given you some ideas to dream BIG. And I hope you decide to join me for Italy-Greece and a Greek Island cruise July 2019.

You may contact me at 720-273-4889 or with any questions.

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