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Secrets to Success: A BIG success in Grand Junction

Middle and high school girls throughout Western Colorado enjoyed an amazing morning at Secrets to Success, a career networking event recently hosted by the Grand Junction Program Team! The event paired 67 girls and professional women, where the girls spent a few minutes with each woman learning about her career. There were many Girl Scouts present, but also a large number of non-members, who were exposed to a Girl Scout event for the first time.


Rhonda Johnson, Employment Specialist with Mesa County Workforce, opened the event by teaching girls how to introduce themselves and shake hands. It was a great session!


The professional women really rallied around the girls. More than 25 women from a wide range of career fields visited with girls. Being an event mentor was extremely popular as numerous women reached out to participate. Girls met with a wide range of professionals including doctors, chefs, veterinarians, scientists, paramedics, engineers, reporters, attorneys, and more!


A BIG SHOUT out goes to Cindi Graves, Allison Ellington, Hilary McGilton, and their wonderful Girl Scout volunteers for hosting a great event! And a big thank you to all of our great professionals who came out to support the girls!

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