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Science in Our World Girl Scout Day Camp at Clement Park

Submitted by Daffodil

Science In Our World Clement Park Littleton

The last week of Day Camp in the Denver Metro area was a big hit! The theme at this Clement Park Day Camp was Science in Our World, which allowed campers to experience many new and exciting types of science. Girls explored aerodynamics with paper airplanes, sound with various objects, gooey science, flight with balloons and nature. We even had a visit from a counselor’s pets Raspberry and Licorice, two awesome tortoises the made the nature aspect of camp even more special. Campers also had the chance to participate in many camp wide science themed activities throughout the week. They made magic milk, life size bubbles, film canister rockets, gravity goo and the solar bag. Each station was a hands on way for girls to learn more about different types of science. It also gave girls the chance to meet new friends from different units. Sadly, the end of the week brought the end of another Day Camp season. The end of camp was bittersweet. Staff and campers were sad to say goodbye, but at the same time were proud of everything the accomplished. It was the perfect ending to another memorable camp season.



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