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Save the Crayfish!

Cadettes from troop 65659 pose with their poster about crayfish

Over the summer, multi-level Troop 65659’s five Cadettes completed the Breathe Journey together. They conducted their air observation at Edwards Animal Rescue in Parker where they helped muck stalls and met friendly llamas, goats, and chickens. After going over their observations and voting on their top issues, the Cadettes went on another trip to Wings Over the Rockies to participate in science exhibits and talk to air experts.

Knowing they wanted to focus on water biology and crayfish, they went down to South Platte Park and Carson Nature Center in Littleton on the advice of Skot Latona, Park Manager and Certified Interpretive Guide and Trainer. Skot told the Cadettes where to look for algae and explained what caused it, and what the consequences were for aquatic life there. They went on a hike to view the algae.

Cadettes from troop 65659 observe algae in the water.

On a second visit to the Nature Center, the Cadettes recorded a skit with a Cadette playing the “mascot” of the project in a crayfish costume. While four Cadettes were working on the skit, the fifth was creating a poster that displayed basic facts and a QR code that linked to the skit video. The poster showed lines from action choices to days of the week and asked people to vote for their favorite day of “Runoff Week.” The Cadette drew artwork that the troop leader printed on sticker paper, to engage viewers by offering them a free sticker for voting.

With Skot’s permission, the poster was displayed at the nature center for a week and the stickers were available at the front desk. Eighteen votes were cast. The five Girl Scouts wrote heartfelt notes to the Juniors of the troop to inspire them and the notes were delivered with photo collages of the adventures of the Journey. To celebrate, the Cadettes met at Lakeside Amusement Park where they felt the wind in their faces on every ride.



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