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New Badge Series – Girl Scout Way

The Girl Scout Way is a compass that can help guide girls as they carve out their unique place in the world. Our proud traditions offer a strong foundation for girls to build their dreams as part of a large sisterhood. In this virtual event, each Girl Scout will earn the Girl Scout Way badge by learning more about the exciting history and honored legacy of Girl Scouts that Juliette Gordon Low started in 1912 and how to use the Girl Scout ways and traditions to make the world a better place.

We have translated the Girl Scout Ways badge into a digital space for you to complete in your own time. You will join us at a kick-off meeting to learn about the Girl Scout Way badge and what is required to earn this badge.

At the end of the month, you’ll come back and join us all for a reflection meeting to celebrate the work you did, and to discuss the skills and knowledge learned. The kick-off meetings will be hosted on Zoom and the link will be send the day before or the morning of the event. Google Classroom will host all the badge instructions and access will be emailed after the kick-off meeting.

Kick-off meetings are on September 2 at staggered times for each Girl Scout level. Reflection meetings will be on September 23 – also staggered times for each Girl Scout level. Open to all levels.

$5 per Girl Scout



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