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National Geographic Slingshot Challenge

One video, unlimited opportunity. Help your Girl Scouts craft an idea and submit a one-minute video for the chance to receive $10,000 in funding.

This is an excellent opportunity for Highest Awards Girl Scouts who have completed an environmental focused project or those looking to earn a Silver or Gold Award. All Colorado Girl Scouts who enter a video will also be included in a drawing for one of five $100 gift cards.

As Girl Scouts, you believe that no problem is unsolvable and you care about our planet. You’ve practiced how to make the world a better place through countless Take Action and community service projects, so this challenge is perfect for you.

Rise to the challenge and submit a 1-minute video.


  1. Brainstorm project ideas this summer and record a 1-minute video sharing your innovative idea for making an impact on our environment.

  2. Fill out this form and we will send you a reminder when it's time to submit your 1-minute video to National Geographic when the contest opens in September!

  3. After you've submitted to National Geographic, fill out this form to be entered to win one of five $100 gift cards and receive a free patch.



Keep in mind that the game has no final ending. Each gameplay session ends when the Doodler falls to the bottom of the screen. Doodle Jump


Sevimli dostunuz için en iyi kedi mamasını keşfedin. Sağlıklı ve lezzetli çeşitlerimizle kedinizin mutluluğunu ve sağlığını bir arada sunuyoruz.


Muhteşem nord serisinin son ürünü olan NORD 4 karşınızda.2000Mah dahili pili ve 80W Güce kadar performans sağlayan eşsiz cihaz buharkeyf'de.


 Get as far as you can down this odd passageway without falling into space at any cost; that is the objective run 3

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