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National Council Session 2020 was a Success

Submitted by Christine Kucera

Mountain Communities

Steamboat Springs

The 2020 Girl Scout National Council Session was a total success. With more than 1,200 people on a virtual platform, we were able to get down to business, navigate through parliamentary procedure, and approve six proposals. Was it cumbersome, difficult, and frustrating? Of course. There are always people who have nothing positive to say. There are always people who just want to quit. There are always people who think it’s not fair. But at the end of the weekend when all the proposals passed, I felt that I made a difference. My voice was heard. I made the Girl Scout Movement better.

I am sad we couldn’t meet in-person. There were no special speakers, no breakout seminars, and no convention hall. My troop planned to go to Orlando to experience SWAPS on a national scale, bonding with other Ambassadors, and traveling without their families. BUT, as when I attended in person in 2017, the National Council Session still sent me back to normal life with a renewed sense of dedication.

I made a difference. I changed Girl Scout policy for the better. I have green blood running through my veins. I am motivated to try to run troop camp in June. I am motivated to provide virtual events that will be fun for all ages. I am motivated to give my girls the best experience I can, especially in this virtual world.

Even though I never met most of the fellow delegates, I feel connected to them. We all joined together in Zoom calls and a chat app that helped us discuss the topic at hand. We gained insight into everyone’s personalities and needs. We bonded over the October snow, forest fires, and our hobbies. I may never have met most of our delegation, but I know their Girl Scout souls. I wouldn’t trade that for anything. I have new sisters.

At the morning song sessions, the amazing crew performed a song that I had forgotten, and it struck a chord with me. My mother sang “On the Loose” to me when I was little. I did not remember the words, but I knew every note that was coming and could hum along with the group. The tune is stuck in my head and am thankful for the memory that NCS sparked for me.

During the National Convention Session, I saw first-hand the end result of the Girl Scout Leadership Experience. Girls from around the country gave their opinion and practiced parliamentary procedure in front of more than 1,200 people. The G-Team presented their report on mental health during COVID. Girl Delegates and Alternates from our great state of Colorado spoke up and got involved. I can only hope that my leadership and mentoring guides the girls in my troop achieve the levels of greatness I observed during NCS.

Fortunately, this was my second term as a delegate. I understood the procedure and flow of the NCS. I could imagine what things would have looked like if we were in-person. I felt a personal connection to each delegate from other councils that said “hi” in the chat. Now that I have more experience, I plan to be involved in sponsoring a proposal to make virtual sessions run more smoothly. I am hopeful that I can renew my service as a delegate to GSCO in 2023. I will continue working to become a true G.I.R.L. (go-getter, innovator, risk-taker, and leader).

We want to hear how your girl is using her Girl Scout skills by taking initiative, caring for the community, and Girl Scouting at home. She can send in her story here.



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