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My Gold Award project continues


Submitted by Debra Zerr

Metro Denver


When I received the news that my project was approved and I earned the Gold Award in March 2016, I leaped with joy. My favorite part was sharing the good news with all the military I worked with. They were ecstatic and couldn’t wait to celebrate with me at my private ceremony in August.

The greatest part about doing Gold or any project with Girl Scouts is you can easily fall in love with what you did or are doing. I love “Connecting & Protecting” so much. What it stands for, who stands behind it, and the stories of results. It feels so amazing to know I started it and people are noticing.

There’s so many exciting updates I have to share with all of you! “Connecting & Protecting” (aka me) took on the 22 Push-Up challenge for 22Kill and started a Youtube channel! I also launched the first C&P t-shirt to raise money for 22Kill! Finally, the most exciting news of all. I’ve been working hard on delivering more fun events/challenges. This past summer, I hosted the very first obstacle course and now, after speaking with people I have received ten requests for the obstacle course to occur summer 2017! Jeffco Libraries and my church will be hosting, so keep a look out!

I strongly encourage more girls to do projects they absolutely love with all their heart and soul. You will not ever regret it.

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