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My dad is the BEST Cookie Dad!

Submitted by Jayden Thomason


Southwestern Colorado

My dad is the BEST Cookie Dad! Ever since I became a Girl Scout, my dad has been the my cookie boss sales coach. For the last three years my dad has even helped me to achieve my goal of going to the Top Seller Events which are a blast. One year I got to go rock climbing in Durango and last year we went to the amusement park in Glenwood Springs. Glenwood Springs was a lot of fun. I am going there again this year we liked it so much!

As soon as cookie season starts, my dad and I load up the back of our van with cookies and we are off to town. We leave early in the morning and are out selling just like a regular job. He says that he loves to take me around to all the local businesses, his clients and our family and friends to show off how proud of me he is. He tells me that he is going to show me what going to a regular job is like. I am only allowed to take short breaks and we have a regular lunch hour. (I get to pick where we eat out…yumm!) As for me, I just love to spend this time with my dad. Our time selling cookies is special to me and I really love my dad. My dad is really friendly and he knows a lot of people in our hometown. He encourages me to not be so shy and is trying to help me so that I am more comfortable talking to people and asking them if they would like to buy cookies. This is sometimes hard for me.

After my dad helps me to achieve my Top Seller Goal then he somehow manages to find time to help the other Girl Scouts in my troop to achieve their goals too and to make sure that our troop doesn’t get stuck with unwanted cookies at the end of the season. He is teaching me about helping my sister Girl Scouts and what teamwork is all about. I have the BEST Cookie Dad ever!!

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