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Member Referral Program!

Updated: Apr 1

Earn rewards for your troop by spreading the word about Girl Scouts.

How it works: When someone who is interested in joining Girl Scouts completes the referral form (via QR code or vanity URL) and adds your troop number your troop will get credit for that referral. The new members will get a code via email within 24 hours for $10 off their first-year membership fee when they register. Troops that want to participate the refer new members don't need to opt in. They can start referring to new members via the link and share their troop number as who referred them.

Referred members do not have to join your troop. New members can search the troop catalog for troop options nearby or they can work with a local Placement Specialist for a Girl Scout opportunity.

Referral recruitment resources: Printable and digital resources are available here on our blog. Additional materials will be available through communication with your Volunteer Support Specialist or Recruitment Specialist and during the cookie program.

Ways to optimize your referral strategy: Get creative! We encourage troops to use word of mouth, social media, or fun fliers to invite new folks to join Girl Scouts.

- Post the referral flyers with the form QR code at your cookie both with your troop number

- Share at your school and within your network

- Post in your neighborhood

New member discount: $10 discount code provided to leads via email within 24 hours after form submission to be used during check out. Discount available for new members only.

The rewards: Each referral gets your troop closer to earning cool rewards and extra entries into a drawing to win cool stuff! January 1 – March 31, 2024 reward: Be entered into a drawing for a $100 gift card to the Girl Scouts of Colorado shop. Each referral is a submission to win this prize.

The referral program ended March 31.



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