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Magic Sky Ranch 3-day Camps – lower cost options for Brownies and Juniors

Three-day camps are offered every week this summer at Magic Sky Ranch. They are a bundle of fun, and offer:

  1. Shorter camp weeks for girls as they grow and become more independent away from home

  2. Lower pricing – $265/week or $290/week after Early Bird pricing ends; all Wed-Fri camps have Early Bird pricing all summer long

Register Now for any of these amazing resident camp opportunities!

MS08 & MS09 Camping Stars Dates: 6/15-17 or 6/18-20 Description: At camp, you can see the stars, star in your own camp adventures! Come explore, play, learn and have fun at camp. Camping Stars will experience: climb wall, archery, songs, hikes, and other available camp activities.

MS12 & MS13 Moosekateers Dates: 6/22-24 or 6/25-27 Description: Ever wonder what the moose at camp do? You’ll earn moose antlers while you sample the following Magic Sky Ranch activities: high ropes (4th grade and up only), archery, songs, hikes, and other available camp activities.

MS14 Magic Sky Renaissance Carnival Dates: 6/29-7/1 Description: Enjoy a camp renaissance under the big sky with ring-side access to a variety of camp activities: archery, climb wall, high ropes (4th grade and up), hiking, singing, and an all camp jousting tournament! Bring your renaissance costumes for a costume parade!

MS22 & MS23 Dreams Come True Dates: 7/6-7/8 or 7/9-7/11 Description: Dreams come true at camp! Bring your favorite dress up costume/stuff (or borrow some of ours) and live as your favorite character during your stay. Camp Dreamers will have time to experience other available camp activities too.

MS28 Black Pearl Dates: 7/16-18 Description: Ahoy matey! Join us on our high seas adventure at camp! Learn to harpoon (archery), test the ropes and crow’s nest (low ropes, high ropes, climb wall) and go on treasure hunts. Create your own high seas ballad to sing with your mates.

MS34 & MS35 Wild West Wonders Dates: 7/20-22 or 7/23-25 Description: Howdy! Are you ready for a week of the wild wild west? Learn about the barn and caring for small animals. Take a shot at rope handling on our high ropes course. Sleep out like the original pioneers did. There will be time for other camp activities

MS42 & MS43 Muddy Madness Dates: 7/27-29 or 7/30-8/1 Description: Mud, mud, and more mud! Play at camp with all things messy, slimy, gloopy, mucky and fun! There will be time for other available camp adventures.

FOR ALL CAMPS Where: Magic Sky Ranch Camp Ages: Brownies and Juniors, entering grades 2 – 5 in the fall Cost: $265 if you pay in full by 11:59pm on April 30, $290 if you pay balance in full May 1 and after; $265 all summer long for Wednesday-Friday camps



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