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June 2020 Badge Series: Coding for Good

Hey Girl Scouts! Let’s get coding! For our badge series in June 2020, we will be earning the Coding for Good badges. In these progressive series, girls will have the opportunity to complete three badges: Coding Basics, Digital Game Design, and App Development. They will learn how to code computer programs that can make a difference in the world. They will also be introduced to some pretty amazing women in history who have made computer science possible! Don’t worry if you do not know much about computers or coding. These badges are a great introduction to the world of computer science.

Coding Basics

Girls will explore the basics of coding from algorithms to loops to functions to learn how everything from a game to how an app is created.

Digital Game Design

Girls will learn about the tools used to develop games, discover how games can be used for good, and develop their own game.

App Development

Girls will identify the needs of their future app user and start to develop an app that could solve those needs.

Want to know more about our badge series and what will be offered in the future? Check out this blog post.

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