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Inspiring Futures – Improv – Life Skills

Join us on March 3 as we explore the art of storytelling! In this interactive workshop, we will engage in fun improv warmup games, tell stories, and gain perspective through learning about each other’s experiences. We will also create some fictional tales brought to life by our imaginations and organic presence!

Our presenter, Nicholle has been active within theater and performing arts for more than 20 years. As a social worker, teaching artist, improvisor, and actress, Nicholle engages people and communities in social justice, art, and intentional healing processes. As a teaching artist, Nicholle works with middle school students to create art that explores identity and oppression. She performs regularly as an improviser and immersive theater actress all over Denver! Recently, Nicholle taught creative writing in Denver Correctional Facilities with the DU Prison Arts Initiative, leading to a live show entitled “Alive Inside” that explored the healing and connective benefits of art.



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