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“I’ve got Thin Mints!”


Submitted by Annabella Armstrong

Colorado Springs

Pikes Peak

In my first year selling cookies I learned quickly what the “no soliciting” sign meant. It meant a lot of people I couldn’t sell to, a lot of houses I had to walk away from. I sold everything door-to-door with my parents. No booths. I knew because of that I would have more competition, but I was up for the challenge!  

One day as the street lights were coming on and we were wrapping up sales for the day, I walked up to my last house. It had a sign – oh no. But then I read the sign, and it said, “No Soliciting, we are too broke to buy anything, we gave at the office, we love our vacuum cleaner and we know who we are voting for, seriously unless you are selling Thin Mints please leave…”  So I rang the doorbell. My mom was freaking out because she saw the sign but didn’t read it..when the old man answered the door, I smiled and said, “I have Thin Mints!” and he laughed. He bought five boxes and told my mom I did a good job reading the sign! I am very careful to look for those signs now!

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