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I’m An Engineer – Closing the STEM Gender Gap Gold Award Project by Rosemary Elliot

Rosemary noticed that interest in STEM for girls tends to drop off in middle school, so she created a middle school club in her community that promotes fun STEM activities and keeps girls engaged and inspired to prioritize STEM classes and professions for their future.

Rosemary shares why she chose this as her Gold Award project.

For my Gold Award project I chose to start a STEM club for girls at my local middle school. I chose this project because I can personally relate to not wanting to join my robotics team because of the lack of girls. I also have friends at other schools that didn’t join robotics because there weren’t many girls. Robotics was an amazing experience for me and I want more girls to have the courage to walk into a room that is primarily male so they don’t miss out on opportunities. Through the completion of my Gold Award project I’ve learned that I am a lot more capable than I think I am. The challenges of the project have also led me to have more confidence in myself. Being a Girl Scout means that you are a leader and someone others look up to. It also means that you are challenging yourself and finding new ways to help others in your community to make the world a better place.



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