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Highest Awards Proclamation


The state of Colorado has issued a proclamation celebrating the 100th anniversary of Girl Scouts’ Highest Award, which is now known as the Gold Award! A PDF of the proclamation is below. Share it with your troop or print it and use it as part of local Highest Awards celebrations.

For the 2015-16 Girl Scouts awards program year, more than 1,600 girls across the state earned their Bronze, Silver, or Gold Award! The Highest Awards represent the highest honors a Girl Scout can earn. They include 1,177 Bronze Award recipients, 393 Silver Award recipients, and 48 Gold Award recipients!

All girls who have earned their Highest Award are invited to be recognized at one of our regional Highest Awards celebrations this spring. We also encourage everyone to recognize girls at the local level too. Please check out our Tips and Tricks for Hosting a Highest Awards Celebration for more information.



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