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Helping Puppies - A Junior Bronze Award Story

Did you know that there are cute, lovable squishable puppies that need temporary homes before they find their FURever home? Colorado Puppy Rescue places rescued puppies with a temporary family until they can be adopted, and we wanted to help be that loving temporary home for a pup in need. For the past ten years, we have wanted to get a dog, but it hasn't been the right time for our family. Becoming a foster family for a puppy was the best way that we could get to love on a puppy without having the responsibility to care for it long-term.

After becoming an approved foster family, Colorado Puppy Rescue had us pick up a puppy on Wednesday night and care for it until Saturday morning before the adoption event. We made sure we had our schedule open for those three days so that our pup got all the care she needed. We played tug of war and fetch with her. We also fed her and took her on walks (and picked up her poop). We read books about puppies and shopped for things that we would need to care for her. We also wrote a bio for our pup so that her FURever home would know her strengths and areas where she might require training so that they could match her with the PAWfect people.

We chose to foster a pup for our Girl Scout Bronze Award because of our love for dogs and want to make the world a better place. We were so excited to find out Saturday night that she was adopted by a loving melted our hearts that she found her PAWfect humans! We hope you consider fostering or adopting a pup from Colorado Puppy Rescue!!

Look on their website for more information.

Love, Olivia & Ophelia Troop 62090

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