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Harry Potter fans- Join us for our three-day session!

Do you love Harry Potter and want to try out SHR, but are not quite ready for a week away from home? Try our mini three-day Harry Potter camp, Wizarding World of Beasts!

The Wizarding World at Sky High is complete with fantastic beasts, mystical creatures, and days & nights full of magical enchantments. Get a chance to groom a festeral or hunt for dragon eggs. Even learn to tame a wild hippogriff! Experience a magical camp like no other, shop in Diagon Ranch Alley, test your courage defending against the Dark Arts, and mingle with other wizards at the Leaky Sky Cauldron. Don’t forget to bring and wear your wizarding or magical apparel!

The SH166 Wizarding World of Beasts deadline for regular pricing is next Thursday, May 28th. It is a great camp for Harry Potter fans, first-time campers. It’s affordable and still has lots of room for campers who want to invite a friend: 21 spaces left! Jun 28 – Jun 30 Cost: $300.00 Deposit: $30.00

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