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GSCO Photo Challenge: Swimming is my favorite

Submitted by Jordan Cook

Pikes Peak

Colorado Springs

Our troop had a swim party with our service unit. I love to swim. It is my favorite thing to do. Swimming is great exercise. When it is winter in Colorado, we have to swim at indoor pools because it is too cold outside. In the summer, we go to outdoor pools.

Girl Scouts of Colorado hosts a pool party at Pirates Cove each year. We try to go every time. The games we play in the lazy river are my favorite. It is the best when we are able to meet friends or bring a group because we have more girls to play with.

Girl Scouts of Colorado is hosting a photo challenge! Just submit your favorite Girl Scout photo and the story behind it using the Share Your Stories form ( Winners will be featured in future GSCO marketing materials, on GSCO’s social media networks, and on the GSCO Blog.



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