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GSCO Cadette Silver Award Project

This year for my Silver Award project I am doing Beads of Courage. Beads of Courage stand for the story of an individual’s bravery on the journey to recovery.

They are not really jewelry; the beads are actually a story of strength, honor, and hope told in many colors and shapes, strung one after another. Individuals going through cancer or chronic diseases are put on a waiting list and caught up from past treatments, using a 100 Bead Club Bead for every 100 past moments of courage. Depending on the patient population, Beads of Courage cost $3,000 to $5,000 annually.

Question: What can you do with Beads of Courage? Answer: I assume you can do lots of creative things with your beads!

Question: What are Beads of Courage made of? Answer: donated beads are made of polymer clay and some of them are even made out of glass!

Question: Who founded beads of courage? Answer:Jean Baruch

Question: What are Beads of Courage? Answer: Beads of Courage are a way for children and teens with chronic or life threatening illnesses to show their stories of the treatments they went through.

  1. Question: How can I help beads of courage? Answer: By donating your own polymer clay beads. To learn more about the Beads of Courage or to buy kits to donate your own beads please go to the Beads of Courage website. Please donate your own polymer clay beads! Beads need to be:

  2. 1 inch wide and 1½  inches tall

  3. Hole size:at least 2 mm

  4. Thickness of a round toothpick

  5. There can not be anything coming off the beads.

I made my own beads. Mine are the ones that look like donuts! The difference between some of these beads are pictured below.

Thank you! Alice McNeely GSCO Cadette

Kids automatically get their names on their beads in order to personalize them more; also to make the beads theirs.



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