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Girls are heroes of their own stories

Submitted by Allison Snavely, Girl Scouts of Colorado Product Sales Specialist

I would love to extend a Girl Scout shout-out to Darcie Klassen, Girl Scouts of Colorado Community Outreach Manager!


Darcie hosted her very own lecture at Denver Comic Con (Girls Are Heroes of Their Own Stories), delving into the ways in which female characters are traditionally represented in comics, video games, and film.

In true educator fashion, Darcie led her massive audience in pair-and-share discussions regarding the negative tropes female characters often find themselves victim to, as well as encouraging us to find champagne examples of those who break the mold! Those who shared their insight with the hall, like Bella (a Girl Scout from Parker), received a highly coveted participation sticker.


Congratulations, Darcie! This marks two years in a row that Girl Scouts of Colorado has had positive representation at Comic Con. You did a fabulous job!



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