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Girl Scouts sell to local radio station


Submitted by Serenity Christensen

Commerce City

Denver Metro

My name is Serenity and this cookie season was a blast! Me and my friend Beth thought it would be amazing to sell to local radio stations. So, we looked up numbers and called a bunch of them. Most said no thank you but when we called 100.3 a guy answered and said he’d love to buy cookies from us if we could guess who he was. So we quickly Googled his name and just by chance we guessed correctly….it was Bo from 100.3 The Mix. He said he would buy an entire case from each of us. So, the next day our momma drove us all the way down to this huge gold building. We got to tour the radio station and meet other people who worked there, but best of all we got to be guest DJs on the radio station and Bo aired us live. We had so much fun ! Thank you Girl Scouts for making these opportunities possible for every girl scout 🙂

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