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Girl Scouts of Colorado receives $2.8 million investment in girls

All of us involved with Girl Scouting know first-hand the value of investing in girls, and I’m so grateful that philanthropist Mackenzie Scott sees the value as well.

Investing in girls creates a ripple effect, producing the greatest return in economic development, social progress, and public health, improving not only individual lives but society as a whole. That’s the macro view.

It’s the up-close and personal view that I find even more inspiring. I love meeting Girl Scouts and hearing their stories of challenges and successes. Girls who discover in ways big and small that they have the power to change the world. Girls who lead with empathy and lift up those around them – and these girl leaders are in elementary school.

I’ve met older Girl Scouts who see a problem in their community, and they lobby the legislature and get a solution. I know Girl Scouts who’d never seen a shooting star before going to one of our camps and left with a newfound love of science.

These girls, because they’re Girl Scouts, have had the opportunity to try new things, to fail sometimes but get back up and persevere. They’ve had the comfort of being surrounded by a sisterhood of support, and they’ve had the benefit of having caring adult role models in their lives. They’ve taken action and made their world a better place beginning at a very young age and escalating as they grow in the program.

These girls believe they can do, and be, anything because they know their own power.

The $2.8 million from Mackenzie Scott is a validation of the Girl Scout experience. It shows that Girl Scouting works, and it shines a light for others to see the value in investing in girls. Before Mackenzie Scott began her giving initiatives, only 1.6% of annual giving has benefited women and girl-focused organizations. It’s critical that we follow Mackenzie Scott’s example and eliminate this disparity.

We are grateful for Mackenzie Scott’s donation and honored to be among the Girl Scout councils selected by her to receive these funds. This generous gift will allow us to think big and be visionary as we work to ensure Girl Scouts remains relevant and accessible to all girls. This gift will help us reach more girls across the state and lift up the issues they care about, such as mental health, equity, and the environment. We hope it will be a catalyst to inspire more support, because girls are worth it, and every girl deserves the opportunity to reach her full potential.

Leanna Clark is the CEO of Girl Scouts of Colorado.



Wonderful news. All the best to GIRL SCOUTS/COLORADO. Keep up the good work, and many thanks to Mackenzie Scott. Would very much like to see some girls of African descent in future photos.


This is fantastic news. Will troops have an opportunity to submit projects/ideas on use of funds?

GSCO blog
GSCO blog
Oct 24, 2022
Replying to

Yes, we love hearing from troops. More information will be coming soon about the best way to share these ideas and projects.


Kay Shaw
Kay Shaw
Oct 18, 2022

So thrilled to see that Girl Scouts of Colorado will be receiving this wonderful gift from MacKenzie Scott, that will provide more opportunities for girls in Colorado to get actively involved in learning and growing and will result in more young woman become leaders for their communities!!

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