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Girl Scouts fuel joy through Hometown Hero program

Each year, the girls in Girl Scout Troop 65750 choose a Hometown Hero to receive the boxes of cookies customers donate during the Girl Scout Cookies Sale. They give impassioned speeches to lobby for causes that are important to them and the troop votes. This year, the Cadettes were inspired by the mobile food pantries they have noticed in our neighborhood and chose Food Bank of the Rockies.

During the Cookie Program, this troop of 10 girls collected exactly 400 boxes of donated Cookies. As part of their donation event, the Cadettes took a tour of Food Bank of the Rockies, stocked the Girl Scout Cookies in the warehouse, and then volunteered three hours of time to pack 678 boxes of food to be distributed throughout our community.

The Girl Scouts, helped by some parents and a sibling, worked the two sides of the food box packing assembly line. Together, during the course of their three hour shift, they handled more than 11 tons of food, which will result in 18,363 meals! 

We learned that food insecurity isn’t something that you can see just by looking at someone — that it is in every school and every neighborhood. More importantly, we learned how to help if we suspect someone in our lives could be experiencing food insecurity (you can start by clicking the red “Find Food” button at the top of their website,  Food Bank of the Rockies works to provide healthy food throughout our community - including fresh produce and culturally aware food options.

And now, because of Girl Scout Troop 65750, they can add 400 boxes of Girl Scout Cookies to their distribution this week. 



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