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Girl Scouts Continues

Submitted by Erin B.

Pikes Peak

Colorado Springs

At the beginning of this pandemic, I delivered cookies to our Hometown Heroes- the people that work at our local Waste Management Recycling Center. They were stunned to find out that our troop chose them as our heroes. They truly are heroes, still working during the pandemic to collect recycling and doing what they can to help make our community and earth a better place for everyone. By recycling, they already do what Girl Scouts are taught to do.  After we delivered the cookies, they called my mom and I for an interview for their internal WM podcast for their employees nationwide. It was amazing to see how appreciative they were for being recognized as unsung heroes.

I’ve completed several badges and patches to keep me busy. I look forward to being together again with my troop. Some of us are attending the outdoor theatre hike put on by Theatre Across Borders. They have actors along a trail at the Fountain Nature Creek. Groups of ten or less leave at timed intervals to walk the trail. They encounter the actors and watch the scene at each play stop along the route. We are able to get outdoors, can socially distance, and still be together to do a fun hike with an outdoor play experience. I’m trying to keep active and remember that I’m not the only one stuck at home.

The pandemic is bad enough, but then to have the tragic death of George Floyd. I wanted to organize a peaceful protest with my troop and show support for justice in the George Floyd incident, and also show support for our local police officers. I organized a protest outside a local police station on Goddard Street. We showed our support for our police officers and showed our support for Justice for George Floyd. I wanted to show that even as a young tween, I too have strong ideas of how to make a difference and show support- without having to resort to violence.

We want to hear how your girl is using her Girl Scout skills by taking initiative, caring for the community, and Girl Scouting at home. She can send in her story here.

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